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Helping your clients change permission settings
Helping your clients change permission settings

The owner of the SideDrawer always controls access to their information

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SideDrawer allows collaboration in two ways;

-for the entire SideDrawer (which is the default with sponsorship)

-for an individual record

By default, when you sponsor a client with a Premium SideDrawer license, you're given editor permissions. This means you have the ability to add, delete or edit, anything in your clients' SideDrawer.

However, your client might wish to restrict you from information unrelated to your advisor-client relationship. For example, you're an insurance broker and your client has private banking information they don't want you to see.


First, make yourself a Record Collaborator on the records you need access to.

Then delete yourself as a SideDrawer Collaborator.

(If you delete yourself as a Collaborator first, you won't be able to add yourself to any records and you'll need to instruct your client to do that for you.)

Step 1

Log in and open your clients' SideDrawer.

In this example, Chandra is an Insurance Broker and Amanda is her client.

Step 2

Click "Collaborators"

Chandra can see that, as Amanda's sponsor, she is listed under SideDrawer Collaborators and has editor status, as shown below.

Step 3

Now, Chandra has to set herself as a record collaborator on all the Insurance records she needs to do her job properly for Amanda.

To add someone, click the little + sign to the right of Record Collaborators.

Step 4

As Chandra's currently a collaborator on a SideDrawer level, she can click "Select an existing Collaborator".

Then Chandra will choose what relationship, personal or professional, and what type of business relationship she has with Amanda, which is Insurance Broker.

Step 5

Now, Chandra has to decide what records from the records list she'll need access to as Amanda's Insurance Broker.

Step 6

Chandra can choose to add changes to permissions to individual insurance records or to all insurance records at one time.

Step 7

Lastly, Chandra will click "Set Collaborator"

Here you can see that before, Chandra was just a SideDrawer collaborator but now she's a collaborator on both a SideDrawer level AND a record level. All Chandra needs to do now is to delete herself as a SideDrawer collaborator.

Step 8

To do this, Chandra needs to find her name in the SideDrawer Collaborators section and click the little trash can icon to delete herself.

Chandra is no longer a SideDrawer collaborator but remains a record collaborator.

Step 9

Finally, to confirm Chandra has set the permissions correctly, she'll simply refresh the page, log back in and open Amanda's SideDrawer.

We know the permission settings were set correctly because Chandra, Amanda's Insurance broker, only has access to the Insurance Policies tile and the records within.

For more information, please watch this great video on helping your clients manage their permissions by clicking here.

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