Guide to Console features

The console has features that will improve efficiency and create a better experience for clients.

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After you log in to your Console you'll see a menu in the top left corner with options that allow you to manage every part of the SideDrawer experience for your clients.

  1. Accounts

Manage clients, end users and team members

Here you'll see a list of all of your clients and users associated with your SideDrawer and be able to do the following;

  • request files and documents from a plan you create (see SideDrawer Set up/Plans & File Requests Set up)

  • create sponsored SideDrawers

  • create teams and add and delete members

  • delete or resend sponsored invitations to SideDrawer

To learn more about Accounts, click here.

2. Productivity

Manage the SideDrawer experience to improve your efficiency and workflow

In this section you'll be able to manage your SideDrawer and make it easier and faster to do the following;

  • create/edit/delete plans for your clients that list all the documents you require

  • assign a specific plan to any client

  • create templates of common records and files that will be uploaded when you create a new SideDrawer

To learn more about Productivity, click here

3. Subscriptions

Manage everything connected to the purchase and distribution of premium licenses

In this section of the dashboard you can manage the sponsorship of your licenses and be able to do the following;

  • purchase an additional subscription

  • purchase additional licenses for any subscription

  • assign licenses to new clients or add/remove from existing clients

  • add a new payment method

To learn more about subscriptions, click here

4. Settings

Manage the personalization of your SideDrawer

Finally, in this section you can customize the experience your client has with your SideDrawer by doing the following;

  • creating a new brand that could reflect your personal consulting business within your company's SideDrawer

  • customize your new brand with logos, colours and fonts

  • customize the messages and notifications your clients receive

  • add and customize new tiles to your SideDrawer

  • create a library of your personal branding and marketing icons and logos

To learn more about branding, click here.

5. Developers

Manage cloud storage or signature integrations such as Google drive, SharePoint or DocuSign.

Contact our support team for additional information about the available integrations.

Additional menu items

6. Go to App

Switch to the frontend where you can locate client SideDrawers

7. My account

Update account information as setting notification, security settings or resetting password

8. Help & Support

Find additional help videos on default SideDrawer types, creating content packages or creating teams.

9. Log out

Log out of console while remaining logged into the front end app.

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