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Introducing: The Admin Console
Introducing: The Admin Console

We've given you full access to manage every aspect of your SideDrawers

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We're excited to launch our newest feature, the Admin Console. This all-in-one solution will allow you to make changes to your;

Accounts - add or delete users, send invitations and create teams quickly and easily

Subscriptions - control every aspect of your subscriptions, payment methods and pending sponsorships

Branding - change colours, fonts and logos, messaging, and tiles

The Admin Console is easy to navigate and use and gives you the freedom to make changes to the SideDrawers you manage on a holistic level. You will still be able to access the SideDrawer 'frontend' and create SideDrawers, sponsor clients, and create records and upload documents. But you'll soon find the Admin Console is amazing at making long, repetitive tasks much more efficient and manageable.

For a more detailed look at the Admin Console, click here.

*This feature is not available to all clients. If you're interested in finding out how you can get access to the admin console for your business, send us an email here.

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