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SideDrawer Security made simple
SideDrawer Security made simple

Read this quick guide to learn how we protect your private information

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Security is our number one concern at SideDrawer. Our business is based on the premise of being a secure, easy-to-use, document storage and collaboration tool. We've created several features, standard operating procedures, and tools that help keep our promise of security, confidentiality, and privacy to all clients.

1. System architecture

The system architecture is the logical organization of a system of software. The way SideDrawer was originally conceived emphasized security. Our entire structure, the behaviour of system components and sub systems, was all designed using the latest security methodology and industry best practices. SideDrawer was built from the ground up with security in mind.

2. Encryption

Every document or file that passes through SideDrawer is secured with bank-grade encryption and we use the latest security protocols to ensure privacy and data security for your information when it's stored and when it's being shared.

3. Back-ups

Every hour, all of our clients' important financial documents and personal, confidential information is backed up to Amazon AWS, on Microsoft Azure. We also have multiple redundancies in place for added protection.

4. Regularly Scheduled Security Reviews

SideDrawer nurtures a culture of security and our staff regularly conduct exercises to try to discover vulnerabilities and weaknesses in our security before others do. Every week our Chief Security Advisor and our team review the findings to ensure our systems are secure.

5. You control access to your information

It's tough walking the line between making it easy to collaborate and being able to tailor the level of access you want someone to have in your SideDrawer. But SideDrawer allows you to choose the level of permission you want to grant on all your information that you share. You can restrict access to both your SideDrawer and individual records and allow collaborators to edit and make changes, view the contents of records but not make any changes, or to only view the name of your records.

Frequently Asked Concerns

1. No, we can't go into your SideDrawers or see any of your information without you letting us.

2. We follow all the applicable laws, rules and regulations and your data is stored in the proper servers depending on your location.

3. If you don't want to use SideDrawer, the contents are still yours and you can choose to remove them or delete them.

For more in-depth information about our security, click here.

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