How to Sync your SideDrawer to Dropbox

Simple steps to integrate and synchronize your Dropbox with your SideDrawer Account.

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Step 1

First, go to the Dropbox Developers to create a new App and to begin your project:

Once there, simply click on "Create app"

Step 2

Configure some details needed for the Dropbox App to work.

  • In "Choose an API" select "Scoped access" (1)

  • In "Choose the type of access you need" select "Full Dropbox..." (2)

  • Then choose a name for your App in "Name your app" (3)

  • And click on the "Create app" button at the bottom of the form

Step 3

We now proceed to configure your Dropbox App. We will start with the "Settings" tab and click on "Enable additional users"

When you get the notification of "Limit raised to 500 users" simply click "Okay"

Make sure you copy the "App key" and the "App secret" as you will need it later to set these up in the SideDrawer Dashboard to complete your Integration.

Step 4

Now you need to configure the "OAuth 2" settings of your App.

Step 5

Now we need to set up the permissions for your App to be accessed from SideDrawer.

At the top of your configuration box you will see a tab that says "Permissions," just click on it and you will see the list of permissions available. You can also click on "Scoped App" and it will redirect you to the same place.

  • Firstly, make sure that you select all items in the list that have "[anything].read"

  • Repeat making sure you select all those that have "[anything].list"

  • Find the one that is named "team_data.member" and select it

  • Find the one that is named "team_data.team_space" and select it

  • A box at the bottom will appear offering you to save the changes; make sure you click "Save"

This concludes the Dropbox part. Now you need to move to the SideDrawer Dashboard to complete your configuration.

Step 6

Now we need to enter the integration details on the SideDrawer Dashboard to sync your SideDrawer Account with your Dropbox.

Visit the SideDrawer Dashboard:

As long as your Account is a Manager or an Owner, you will be able to log in as usual. If you happen to have trouble with this, please do not hesitate in reaching out to our Support Team for help ([email protected])

Step 7

Once you are logged in to your Dashboard, on the left side menu click on "Applications" and then "Integrations".

Now click on "+ New Integration" and complete the form as follows:

  • Select the "Integration Type" and choose "dropbox" (2)

  • For the "Integration Name" enter a name that will be representative for you, such as "Your-Company Dropbox" (3)

  • From a couple of steps before, copy "App key" provided by Dropbox and paste it in "Client ID" (4)

  • The same, copy "App secret" provided by Dropbox and paste it in "Client Secret" (5)

  • You will need to tell SideDrawer what is the email address of the Administrator of the Dropbox Account, enter it in "Dropbox Admin Email Address"

  • Click "Submit" and you will see in the list the new connection; one more step and you are done.

Step 8

At this point your connection almost done, you now need to confirm the permissions and instruct Dropbox to allow SideDrawer to sync your Account.

It's very simple, you click on the context menu of your connection, within the SideDrawer Dashboard and click on "Confirm Integration".

This will open the Dropbox permission screen:

Simply click "Continue" and you will be redirected to a Dropbox screen that will ask you to confirm the permissions provided to this App, earlier.

Click on "Allow" to confirm the permissions and wait for the SideDrawer message. At this point, you should receive a "Success" message.

Close this window and check the status on the SideDrawer Dashboard. If it shows a check on the "Connected" column, you are good to go.

The integration between your SideDrawer Account and your Dropbox is now complete!

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