How to Sync your SideDrawer to Google Drive
Simple steps to integrate and synchronize your Google Drive with your SideDrawer Account.
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Step 1

First, go to to begin your project.

You may be redirected to the /projectselector2/ if you need to accept Google Cloud Platform's Terms of Service.

Please read them and agree to Google's Terms of Service in order to proceed.

Step 2

Once you are in, if you still see the Google Cloud Platform header, you will need to click on "CREATE PROJECT" and give the project name, like "SideDrawer Integration".

Then you can choose an organisation, if you prefer.

If you don't have organisations registered and you want to proceed anyway, simply click "CANCEL" and go ahead to create your project without setting one.

Just click "CREATE"

Step 3

We need to enable APIs and Services from Google in order to connect this project with the SideDrawer platform.

Please click on "+ ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES"

Step 4

Once you get to the Google "API Library", scroll down until you find the "Google Drive API" and select it (you can also enter that in the search box).

Now you need to "ENABLE" this API for your project.

Step 5

Once you have enabled the API, you will be able to see the overview and "CREATE CREDENTIALS" for this project.

You may be offered to go through the wizard provided by Google to help you choose the right credentials.

No matter how long that list is, find the item that reads "Google Drive API" from the drop down menu and select it.

When the next question opens up, you will need to select the answer that reads "Web server..."

And choose "User data" from those two options.

Once you've done all that, Google will instruct you what type of credentials to use. Simply click on "What credentials do I need?" and you'll see the response pop up.

After doing this, please note that Google may offer you to use existing credentials that you may have used in a previous project. It is totally up to you to use those or create a new set.

Step 6

On this step you will be setting up the consent screen that your SideDrawer Managers will be presented with at the time of setting up the Integration in SideDrawer. If you already have done this before, you will not be asked for any of this and you can move onto the next step.

You are basically creating an OAuth client ID to enable the connection between SideDrawer and your Google Drive.

You will need to "Set up Consent Screen", only if you haven't done this before. This will allow your SideDrawer Manager understand what he or she is agreeing to at the time of configuring the integration between SideDrawer and Google Drive.

From the User Type list choose "Internal" and click "CREATE"

Enter the App name "SideDrawer" and enter your email address.

Scroll down and enter the following links where requested:

Next, under Authorised domains and Developer contact information, please provide the following:

  • Click "+ ADD DOMAIN" (1)

  • Enter "" (2)

  • Enter "[email protected]" (3)

  • Click "SAVE AND CONTINUE" (4)

Step 7

Once you have finished your "OAuth consent screen" you will be able to create the Scopes of this Application.

You need to click on "ADD OR REMOVE SCOPES"

A long list of scopes will appear and you will need to find the specific scopes that will allow SideDrawer to interact with your Google Drive.

You can change the number of records per page, or simply scroll until you find the following two scopes:

  • ../auth/drive.readonly

  • ../auth/

Select these two and click "UPDATE".


Step 8

Now we must create Google credentials for SideDrawer so your account can access content on your Google Drive.

  • Click "Credentials" (1)

  • Click "+ CREATE CREDENTIALS" (2)

  • Click "OAuth client ID" (3)

Step 9

First, under Create OAuth client ID please provide the following:

  • Use the drop down for "Application type," and select "Web Application" (1)

  • Enter a "Name" for your application; you can use "SideDrawer" or something else that is representative for you (2)

Next, under Authorized JavaScript origins please provide the following:

Then, under Authorised redirect URIs please provide the following:

To finish this step, click "CREATE".

Step 10

Copy both "Your Client ID" and "Your Client Secret" as you will need them to set up your connection from the SideDrawer Dashboard.

This concludes the Dropbox part. Now you need to move to the SideDrawer Dashboard to complete your configuration.

Step 11

Now we need to enter the integration details on the SideDrawer Dashboard to sync your SideDrawer Account with your Google Drive.

Visit the SideDrawer Dashboard:

As long as your Account is a Manager or an Owner, you will be able to log in as usual. If you happen to have trouble with this, please do not hesitate in reaching out to our Support Team for help ([email protected])

Step 12

Once you are logged in to your Dashboard, on the left side menu click on "Applications" and then "Integrations".

Now click on "+ New Integration" and complete the form as follows:

  • Select the "Integration Type" and choose "gdrive" (2)

  • For the "Integration Name" enter a name that will be representative for you, such as "Your-Company G-Drive" (3)

  • From a couple of steps before, copy "Your Client ID" provided by Google and paste it in "Client ID" (4)

  • The same, copy "Your Client Secret" provided by Google and paste it in "Client Secret" (5)

  • Click "Submit" and you will see in the list the new connection; one more step and you are done.

Step 13

At this point your connection almost done, you now need to confirm the permissions and instruct Google Drive to allow SideDrawer to sync your Account.

It's very simple, you click on the context menu of your connection, within the SideDrawer Dashboard and click on "Confirm Integration".

This will trigger the consent screen that you created on your Google Account a few steps ago.

Simply confirm the permissions and wait for the SideDrawer message. At this point, you should receive a "Success" message.

Close this window and check the status on the SideDrawer Dashboard. If it shows a check on the "Connected" column, you are good to go.

The integration between your SideDrawer Account and your Google Drive is now complete!

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