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Creating a SideDrawer account
Creating a SideDrawer account

This short guide will show you how to create your own SideDrawer quickly and easily

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Creating an account is super easy on SideDrawer and only requires some basic information to get you started.

Step 1

First, enter into your browser.

Step 2

Next, enter the email address you'd like to use for this SideDrawer account. All your notifications will be sent to this address. And then click "Continue".

Step 3

Enter a unique password and click "Sign Up".

Step 4

Now enter in the details for your account including your first and last name, country code, mobile number, address, language and then confirm the SideDrawer terms of service.


To enter in the Country Code, click and scroll down to the Canadian Flag or type "Canada" on the line.

Step 5

To enter your Place of Residence, click the map icon and fill in the details in the pop up screen.

Step 6

Then check the box to confirm the SideDrawer ToS and click "Create Account".

Step 7

Finally, choose which type of SideDrawer you want to create. Each type has different, unique tiles (categories). To find out more about choosing what SideDrawer type, click here.

And you're finished! The SideDrawer is created using the name you entered when you registered.

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