Previously, the only way to manage your collaborators on a SideDrawer level was by clicking on the manage tab as shown below. Click here to find out more.

And to manage collaborators on a single record you'd have to click on the tile, select the proper record and click the "+" in the Collaborators and Permissions section as shown below.

However, with our new feature Collaborators, you can quickly and easily manage both permissions (and more!) in one location. To learn more about the Collaborators feature, click here.

Step 1.

First, click Collaborators on the top left of your screen.

Current permissions on the SideDrawer level will be displayed as an icon to the right of the name in the "SideDrawer Collaborators" section. In the case below, the permission is set to "Editor".

Step 2.

To change the permission, simply click the "Editor" icon and choose which permission setting you wish in the popup.

A notification will be sent to the collaborator notifying them of the changes and a corresponding entry will be made in Timeline.

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