Step 1

To begin, click on the SideDrawer management button (the one with the 3 lines) in the top right of your screen.

Step 2

You'll be able to see any current collaborators to this SideDrawer, notes on their relationship and also their permission status. To review changing collaborator permissions, click here to

Step 3

To add a collaborator, click the "+" sign to the right of "Collaborators &* Permissions".

Here you'll be able to choose to collaborate with someone you're already sharing with or invite someone new to collaborate.

Step 4

To add a new collaborator, fill in the appropriate information and then choose relationship, either personal or business, and permission type, either editor, viewer or no details.

Step 5

Each of the 2 types of relationships have a drop down menu to help you make the correct choice quickly.

Step 6

Choosing the correct permission type will set restrictions on your collaborator on what level of access they have with the information and content on your SideDrawer. Simply click the line next to "Permission Type" and the pop up screen will appear.

Select the level of permission for this collaborator.

Step 7

When finished, simply click the "Add new Collaborator" button.

Step 8

Finally, click "Update" and an email notification will be sent to your new collaborator.

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