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Setting up your multi-factor authentication
Setting up your multi-factor authentication
Multi-factor authentication is just one of the many important security features we're using to keep your documents safe.
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Just to refresh your memory, multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a valuable authentication method in which a user is granted access to after successfully presenting multiple pieces of evidence. It could be an email address, password, and 6-digit SMS text code and in this article we'll explain how to set yours for your SideDrawer account.

Step 1

To access the multi-factor authentication settings, select "My Account" on the lower left side of your screen.

Step 2

Click "Security Settings"

Step 3

Finally, choose one of 3 options;

  1. Only when SideDrawer wants to confirm your identity. SideDrawer will remember your computer, IP address and location and will send you a security code if you log in from anywhere unfamiliar.

  2. Every time I log in to SideDrawer. SideDrawer will challenge you to identify yourself with a security code every time you log in. This is an important setting if you're in an office setting and leave your computer unattended from time to time. This is the highest level of multi-factor authentication.

  3. Skip multi-factor authentication now. You can choose to skip setting up your MFA until a later time. We don't recommend you use this setting.

Lastly, click "Save my preference".

To watch a video on setting up your multi-factor authentication, click here.

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