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What does sponsoring a client mean?
What does sponsoring a client mean?

This short guide will show you.

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You might hear the terms "sponsoring a client" and be confused and wonder where you can find that feature. This article will try to explain what sponsorship means.

Simply put, sponsoring a client with a SideDrawer means that you've purchased a license for your client and you're giving them the use of the associated subscription and SideDrawer platform. Essentially, sponsoring a client is the same as assigning a license to a client.

Think of it as adding another user to an Office 365 account in that you pay for the account and assign licenses to someone who then get's all the features of Office 365. And just like Office 365, you can add or remove licenses to users.

To "Sponsor a client" with a SideDrawer, you first have to create the SideDrawer.

As you can see below, when you create a new SideDrawer you're given the choice to keep it or sponsor someone else. Then you're given the choice to choose what subscription you want to sponsor them with. In the example below, there is only one SideDrawer Premium Monthly subscription available that could be sponsored to someone else.

(If you run out of subscriptions, you can continue to sponsor clients. The credit card on file will just be charged accordingly for any purchases you make.)

As you're still the owner of the license, you can revoke it at any time and the subscription will end. Of course, your client will be notified if that happens and they'll still keep the SideDrawer with all its' contents. They'll be given the option to purchase a license or they'll be assigned a free SideDrawer starter account by default.

To learn more about how to assign a license, click here. And to learn how to revoke a license, click here.

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